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Prep yourself for Winter Driving

As the holidays roll through, many of us are hitting the roads to visit loved ones, get away from the office, hit the mountains and enjoy the Winter Wonderland. With the beauty of winter also comes additional risk of icy roads, delays, and road closures.

In order to be prepared for anything the roads can throw at you, there are a few things that you should ensure are completed before driving off. Here is how you can prep your vehicle for winter:

  • Put on Winter Tires

  • Ensuring that they are in good condition and ready for another season

  • Fill your tires to the pressure specified by the vehicle manufacturer

  • Check the fluids in your vehicle

  • Ensure Anti-Freeze and Oil are topped up

  • Fill you’re the entire Windshield Washer Fluid tank with Winter Grade Fluid – you don’t want to make the mistake of having summer fluid in the tank… trust us on this!

  • Add a few items to your ‘Simply Emergency Kit’ such as:

  • A Blanket

  • Bottled Water and non-perishable high-energy food

  • Energy bars are a great option and can be easily switched out each year

  • A battery-powered radio and flashlight, with extra batteries

  • A Shovel

  • Foldable shovels are inexpensive and saves space in your vehicle

  • A candle and matches

  • A “survival candle” is ideal and easy to make. Simply place a long burning (5+ hours) in a deep can to reduce issues with wind – voila!

  • A pair of Gloves

  • Bring Maps of the area you are travelling within

  • GPS batteries can run low quickly if you are stopped for multiple hours

  • As road closures can reroute you to unknown and less travelled roads, not all are recognized by every GPS

A Winter Car Kit is one of the items in life that you hope you’ll never need to utilize but prepare anyways. BELIEVE US… it is much better to have one that never gets used than to be in a situation that calls for one that you don’t have!

Drive Safely,

The Fast Labour Solutions Team

Photo Credit: "Shift into winter" by Province of British Columbia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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